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CD 737
Spesfikasi CD-737s:
  • <Besta English-Chinese Dictionary> with approx.300,000 Searchable Words, 43,000 Sample Sentences
  • <Oxford Advanced Learner"s English-Chinese Dictionary> 7th edition, with approx
  • 180,000 Searchable Words, Phrases and Definitions, as well as approx.85,000 Sample Sentences
  • <Britannica Concise Encyclopedia> with over 6 Million Words, Up to 30,000 Entries and also Chinese-English Contrast
  • <Cambridge Encyclopedia> with approx.4 Million Words, 24,300 Phrases and Definitions
  • <Indonesian Dictionaries> Built in 15 Bahasa Indonesia dictionaries, including English-Indonesian/ Indonesian-English / Indonesian-Indonesian / Indonesian-Chinese / Chinese-Indonesian / Medical / Business / Idioms / Slang / Maths / Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Science / Sports English
  • <Kangxi Chinese Dictionary> with over 40,000 Headwords and the Etymology for Reference, Very Helpful for The Studying of Chinese Classical Literature
  • <French-Chinese/German-Chinese/Spanish-Chinese Dictionaries> Each Dictionary with approx.30,000 Headwords for the Needs of Students and Office Workers
  • <Japanese-Chinese Dictionary> with approx.140,000 Searchable Words and over 35,000 Sample Sentences
  • <Professional Dictionary> including 165 Volumes of Terminology and Technical Term Dictionaries compiled by Besta, National Institute for Compilation and Translation (Taiwan), National Science and Technology Term Standard Committee (China)
  • <Computer Dictionary by Flag Publishing> with approx.25,000 Computer, Internet, Communication and Technology Terms
  • <English Collocation Dictionary> with 140,000 Word Group and over 50,000 MP3 Recorded Sentences
  • <13 Languages Dictionary> with Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian, approx.360,000 Words with Human Voice
  • <Slang Dictionary> with 1,900 En-Ch-Jp-Kr Definitions, as well as Sample Sentences with Human Voice
  • <Chinese-English Dictionary> with approx.80,000 Headwords and Phrases, as well as Brief and Simple English Definitions
  • <The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary> (Bilingual version) the Prestigious and Standardized Dictionary in Simplified Chinese World, with approx.64,000 Chinese Phrases
  • <Chinese-Chinese Dictionary> with approx.64,000 Chinese Words and Phrases
  • <Chinese Idioms Dictionary> with approx.13,000 Common Chinese Idioms
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