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Oxford Advanced Dictionary:
-A collection of 60,000 words and phrases, 84,000 Example sentences
-A wide coverage of English entry words
-Provides usages, phrases, verb phrases, prefix/suffix, basic words
-Allows secondary search; Spelling check, similar word and add new word
-Definition screen include cross search with English-Chinese (E/C), Oxford (OX) and English-English (E/E)
-Allows to select either KK or DJ English phonetic symbols
-Provides examples, derivation/root, compound, idioms, usages and multimedia animation

Cambridge Encyclopedia:
-Covers a variety of Information
-Enable cross search in other dictionaries, provide reference appendix and related words search

English-Chinese Dictionary:
-Features a total of 270,000 words and 64,000 examples. Enable to check for Grammar or Word Analysis (Form&Spell/Relative/Pronunciation/form/synonym/antonym) in the process
-Provide cross search with other dictionaries, easy selection of KK and DJ options

Illustrated Dictionary:
-Various illustration to learn English and Chinese words
-Provides comparison in Chinese and English for the present scene
-Provide “number/letter marked picture/ no marked picture” for selection
-Provides both English and Chinese Pronunciation

English-Chinese-Japanese-Korea Dictionary - (NEW)
-Include English, Chinese, Japanese and Korea Dictionaries.
-Provides pronunciation in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Can follow to read and record

Chinese-Japanese/Japanese-Chinese Dictionary:
A collection of 110,000 words and phrases accompany with human voice pronunciation
-Provide several dictionary for Japanese; Japanese-Chinese dictionary, Chinese-Japanese Dictionary, word of foreign origin, Chinese Index, Idioms.
-Provides Frequently used words, useful nouns, References
-Provides smart input methods to search
-Cross search enable on definition

Chinese - English Dictionary:
-A wide coverage of Chinese words/idioms and English definitions:
-Provide smart input method to search

Chinese Dictionary:
-Over 55,000 Chinese words and detailed definitions
-Provide smart input method to search
-Provides information such as Remnant stroke, Total Strokes, Internal Code, ChangJie, and "BoShiAmy" for the Chinese character

Net Dictionary:
-Updated Internet vocabularies with clear Chinese and English explanations

Extend Dictionary:
-Enable to download the latest vocabularies from Besta’s Website to expand the dictionary content of the device
-Provides smart input method to do search and cross search in other dictionaries

A Card & B Card:
-Provides two SD/MMC (Secure Digital/Multi Media Card) slots to extend the functions and the data

-Animation Dictionary
-Animation Grammar*
-Animated Phrases*
-Travel Dialogue*
-Interactive English*
-English Proficiency Test*
-Word Component
-Video Teaching
-Listening & Speaking Classroom*
-Words Studio
-Professional Dictionary*
-DIY Dictionary

Animation Dictionary:
A collection of 9000 commonly used words with close to 6000 animated Illustrations:
-A wide coverage of English entry words
-Provide 35 kind of classified categories for searching
-Provides cross search with other dictionaries function
-Allows secondary search; spelling check; similar word and add new word functions
-Abundant ad active word, animation and Chinese/English example
-Provide Oxford/Eng-Eng/Eng-Ch, syllable and parts of speech

Animation Grammar:
-Help to understand grammars through animation stories and illustrations
-Downloadable animations available on Besta’s Website
-Able to do cross search in Oxford Advanced Dictionary, English-Chinese, Chinese-English Dictionary
-Provide grammar selections and collections for study and practice

Animated phrases:
-Provides phrases to learn English, help to understand the definition and usage of phrase through animation
-Correct your pronunciation by practicing the Role playing animation
-Provide cross search in other dictionaries

Video Teaching:
-Introduces daily conversation in several situations through films
-More dialogues can be downloaded on Besta’s Website
-Improve your English by listening, speaking, reading, writing and conversation. Allow to practice listening comprehension, following to read, and reading while seeing the film.

F3 PIM - Personal Information Management:
-Name Card
-To Do List
-World Time
-Curriculum Schedule
-Paint Brush
-Income & Expense

F4 SYS - System setting:
-Communication With PC
-Memory Management
-After Service
-Password Setting
-Startup Picture
-Menu Setting
-Power Management
-Phonetic Repeat
-Input Setting
-Handwriting Setting
-Personal Setting

F5 - Multimedia:
-Games World*
-My Photo Album*
-Dictionary Picture Library
-eBook City*
-Flash Sprite*
-Text Viewer*
-File Manager

Main Highlight for Multimedia MP3:
-Enable you to listen to MP3
-SD/MMC Card compatible
-Allow to use external Earphone or speaker

Flash Sprite:
-Provides Flash files downloaded and transferred into DSY format
-Allows to play any Flash file after installing FlashSprite tool

Text Viewer:
-Allow to view text file (.txt)
-Cross search in other dictionary

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