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Spesifikasi CD-668s
Spesifikasi CD-668s
-Built In English Chinese Japanese Korean Dictionary
-Built In 8 Bahasa Indonesia Dictionaries ( Eng-Ind / Ind-Eng / Ind-Ind / Ind-Chn / Chn-Ind/ Medical / Business / Idioms Dictionaries )
-Built in Sentence Translation English Chinese Dictionary
-Built In Singapore Vocabulary Dictionary
-Built In Comphrehensive Chinese – English Dictionary
-Built In Cambridge Encyclopedia and Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
-Built In 9 Dictionaries ( Slang, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Medical, Business, Idioms )
-Built In 19 Languages real human voice pronunciation ( Chinese / English / Japanese / Korean / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Portugies / Durch / Thai / Malay / Indonesian / Cantonese / Taiwanese / Hakka / Vietnamese / Hokkien / Sichuan )
-Built In English Indonesian Dictionary (Drs. Peter Salim ,MA)
-Built In Chinese Indonesian Dictionary (Beijing University)
-Built In Oxford Advanced Learner English Chinese Dictionary (7V)
-Built In Animated Grammar, Phares, Sport English, Practical Nouns ETC
-Downloadable 13 Languages Dictionary
-4.3 “ TFT LCD Colour, Touchscreen and Handwriting
-5 different adjustable font sizes for better visualization
-Phonetic symbol demo in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean
-Downloadable “Stroke Sequences” function for Traditional and Simplified
-High DEF MP4 Video Playback
-PC Style keyboard for easy typing
-Srandart SD/MMC card slot, Lithium rechargeable battery
-One year limited warranty
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