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Q. When do you need to install USB Driver program?
If your computer is Windows 98 system, you will need to install the USB driver. The USB driver program is provided and can be found in the CD Rom that comes along with the package. Please do follow the instruction given in the User"s Manual.
Q. Do we need to install the PCLink? (Besta Device with Download Capability)
PCLink is a useful software for you to transfer data between the digital dictionary and the PC by PCLink program and PCLink cable. You can backup, restore and download data of Name Card Information, Schedule and other multimedia features (Depending on your model). PCLink software interface is similar to Outlook, it is very convenient to use, so you can handle it easily.
Q. How to prevent “Battery Leakage”? Will it still be under warranty?
"Battery Leakage" will result in Short Circuit!!! Warning!!!
-Once the device circuit board is shorted, it will be irreversible. Fault cause by such situation is not cover by warranty.
-Note: Please remove the battery when you know that you will not be using the device for sometime.
-Change the battery - once it ran out of battery, do not leave it in the device. Some typical brand of battery have a higher rate of battery leakage problem, please do select wisely.
-Try not use the adapter when using normal battery (Non-Rechargeable).
Q. Why my battery couldn"t last? Is there an indicator to show that the lifespan is up?
There are a few possibilities:
-The battery lifespan is up or you might not have charge the battery correctly. In certain case it is due to mechanical fault.
-There is a battery indicator for most of our devices, when you try to charge the device, the indicator turn to full charge within seconds. This is one of the common sign that the battery lifespan is finished and it time for replacing it with a new one. In some cases, the battery contact becomes moldy.
Q. Can I use other adapter or battery?
It best to use the original accessories given. When you use accessories other than those provided by Besta, it will not be covered under warranty. Use at your own risk...
Q. What happen if I leave it overnight when charging?
Not too good if you do practice this, although some of the device and battery have the features of cutting off the current when fully charge, it is still safer to remove the adapter when not in use to prevent any possibility of damage due to any unforeseen faults.
Q. Why my device can’t charge at all? Sounds familiar?
-Most of the time, it is due to incorrect insertion of the adapter pin. You might want to check if you have inserted the adapter pin into the right location.
-Sometime due to mechanical fault – Please do pay us a visit!
-Do not overcharge your device – Please see the User’s Manual for information on the number of hours for charging.
Q. Having problem with the writing pad?
You might not have calibrated your device correctly.
-You will be able to do so during "System Reset" or through "Touch Panel Correction" in TAB "SYS" .
-Make sure you tap the centers of the targets to calibrate the sensitivity and accurate position of the touch panel.
-If this doesn"t solve your problem, please do visit our service center.
Q. Does the digital dictionary have traditional and simplified Chinese?
Yes, all models come with it!
-To change to either one of the style for viewing, you need to proceed to the Chinese manual first. Press "C/E" on the keyboard till you see the Chinese manual. Follow by pressing "Shift" + "Tab" on the keyboard. For some of the device, you just need to press tab.
-It best to select the type of format you prefer first. Have fun!
Q. International Warranty?
All Besta products do not have international warranty. Repair and Service Charges will not be the same for any Overseas Purchases.

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